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Painting with Vinos Picasso

At Vinos Picasso we know how important a strong team and work culture is, and we want to help bring the community together! Vinos Picasso offers several painting events and many companies and communities are already getting in on the fun because it’s a great way to get everyone together and just cut loose! We currently work with several different places regularly to bring the team together including Hertz, Ritz-Carlton,  Art League, Leoma Lovegrove and various Gulf Coast medical centers and SWFL communities and clubs!
We can bring the party to your office, community, home, or the studio is available for use! We supply everything (paints, canvases, brushes, table covers, etc) and with professional local artists to guide the way, there’s never any mistakes, just happy accidents (in the words of Bob Ross!)

Pricing is as follows:

Non-instructed Sessions (minimum 20 people)

  • 11×14 canvas (1hr session) – $30
  • 16×20 canvas (1.5-2hr session)- $35

Instructed Sessions (2 Hours)

  • 11×14 canvas (15 people minimum) – $35
  • 16×20 canvas (12 people minimum) – $42 (MOST POPULAR)
  • Wine glasses (1) – $40
  • Wood Pallet – (Size varies $50-$65)
  • Ornaments (2) – $42
  • Paint your Pet session 16×20 canvas with professional sketch – $69

Customer Support

Do you have questions about Vino’s Picasso? Our support team is ready to assit you.

Mon-Sun: 10:00PM – 11:00PM


*hours can vary based on RSVPs, season, and special events
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