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Pricing and additional information:

  • 2 hr paintings – $42 per person – Your choice of canvas (16×20, 10×20 or 11×14) or 1 wine glass or 1  beer stein. 
  • 2 hr wood pallets – $42-$60 per person- Sizes vary and cannot be combined.
  • Lovegrove Exclusives are $48 per person (pricing may vary) (our smaller 12×16 canvas) .
  • A non-refundable deposit (payment for 2 seats) is required to hold your private party’s date and will be applied toward your pARTy.
  • We can host up to 45 painters in our Fort Myers studio.

Check availability by calling 239.240.1004

Call 239.240.1004 To Book Your Private Event!

VP Mobile: Paint party at your place!

Off-site sessions are a blast and include personal instruction with a local artist, canvas, and all painting materials!


Choose your favorite restaurant, host a party in your home, book your church or organization for a FUN night out!
  • 10 painter minimum. 12 painter minimum December – April.
  • NO set up or travel fees! Just meet the minimum RSVPs. *excludes areas mentioned above and varies in and off season.
  • We can host up to 70 painters off-site. Rally the troops!!!
  • We supply everything paint related, but need tables, chairs, good lighting and access to running water. We do not cover floors, but have table paper upon request.
  • We’ll bring the fun music we’re known for or you can play your own!
  • A non-refundable deposit (payment for 2 seats) is required to hold your date and is applied toward your pARTy.
  • We can create a custom painting just for your party for a one time $50 fee. You guide us through your vision and we bring it to life!
  • Our prices are not negotiable and do not include wine/beer.
  • We do not offer children’s parties off-site. Adult off-site sessions are not suitable for children under 10.


If you choose to have your party at a restaurant or business the BYO option must be decided by that business owner. We are not licensed for BYO outside of our Fort Myers studio. However, if you are hosting a paint party at a residence or community it’s your place, your rules!

Fundraisers 2


Call 239.240.1004 To Book Your Private Event!

We love to help those in need and have a long list of charities we support privately each quarter, but we know many locals in our community need our help. At Vino’s Picasso we believe in Thomas Mackey’s Conscious Capitalism because, as a locally owned small business, we know what’s best for SWFL, not bureaucrats in an office far away.

We need proof of your organization’s tax status to donate a large portion of the proceeds to your cause. We’ll also donate $1 for every glass of wine or beer we sell and $3 for every bottle of wine from our bar! Of course, guests can BYO, too.

The studio is yours for raffles, auctions, munching, and mingling. We are happy to travel off-site for large-scale events (20+).


Matlacha Island Party @ Lovegrove’s (January to mid-April)

Book your most fabulous event yet at Leoma Lovegrove’s famous Gallery & Garden! Join us on Matlacha Island for a waterfront garden paint party January – April only. It’s hot here in the summer!

Additional dates and times may be restricted. These events are held outdoors under very large umbrellas and may be cancelled or postponed if the weather doesn’t cooperate!

15 person minimum

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  • You’ll paint on a 11X14 stretched and primed canvas. Upgrade to a 16×20 for an additional $5.
  • Wine/beer not included in pricing. We are not licensed for BYO on Matlacha Island at this time, but you are welcome to reach out to Lovegrove management to ask about bringing alcohol to your private event.
  • We can host up to 23 painters!
  • A nonrefundable deposit will be due to hold your date.

Large groups, Team Builders and Community Parties

We have flexible party choices for you to pick from for your large office or community activities!

Discounts do not apply to Lovegrove Exclusives, Paint Your Pet, FUNdraisers, Kiddo Birthdays or Nude Model. Our pricing is not negotiable and does not include wine/beer. You must mention our pARTy discounts prior to booking. Discounts do not apply once registration is complete.

Call 239.240.1004 To Book Your Private Event!

Baby Showers

Call 239.240.1004 To Book Your Private Event!

We provide high quality white onesies & t-shirts and utilize a water-based non-toxic paint so the babushka can roll in style and momma doesn’t have to worry.

This unique party is $30 per painter, includes personal instruction with a local artist and 3 hours of studio time. Plenty of time to paint, munch, mingle and celebrate!

Bachelorette Bash (Nude Model)

Strip clubs are so 1980! Bring your girls to Vino’s and learn how to sketch and paint a nude male model while having the time of your life! Learning to paint the human form is one of art’s most revered talents and Vino’s makes it FUN and EASY!

This session is $80 per painter and includes 3 hours of studio time to paint and party! It is a party after all!

Call with several dates in mind so that we can coordinate with our model.

Call 239.240.1004 To Book Your Private Event!

Children’s Birthday Parties

Call 239.240.1004 To Book Your Private Event!

  • Bring your iPod and we’ll jam to your favorite songs or listen to ours.
  • Everyone walks out with a new masterpiece so goody bags are not necessary.
  • Enjoy our studio all to yourselves for nearly 2 hours. 1 hour to paint, 1 hour to pARTy!
  • Choose a Saturday or Sunday pARTy. Some exceptions can be made on dates and times. Please inquire with management.
  • 2 adults are required to stay. Parents are encouraged to drop off little ones (space can be tight).
  • No BYOB during Kiddo pARTies, but we sell wine and beer!
  • Preferred times are 12-230PM or 3-530PM on Saturday and Sundays. Extra studio time can be purchased.

We have some great options for you!


All ages 6+

12 painter minimum (Adults or Kiddos), $27 per painter, 2.5 hours (12pm  or 3pm, weekends)

  • Kiddo chooses the Vino’s Picasso painting we’ll recreate on a 11×14 stretched canvas!
  • One of our local artists will provide FUN step by step instruction from beginning to end.
  • Custom paintings can be created for $35. Just ask!
  • Parents are asked to drop off, but 2 adult hosts must remain on-site.


All ages 3+

15 painter minimum (Adults or Kiddos),  $20 per painter, 2 hours (1230pm or 330pm, weekends)

  • Kiddos paint whatever their heart desires on a 11×14 stretched canvas or Florida coconut.
  • There is no instruction for a Paint What You Want party, but an artist will be on hand to get everyone started with an introduction on mixing colors, handling paint supplies and to offer minimal assistance.
  • Parents may stay to assist children under 6. 2 adult hosts must remain on-site.

Call 239.240.1004 To Book Your Private Event!

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Instructed session 2.5 hours

$ 35-69
  • 11x14 canvas (15 people minimum) (2 hour session) - $35
  • 16x20 canvas (12 people minimum) (2 hour session) - $38
  • Wood pallet- (size varies) ($50-$65) call 239-240-1004 for more information (MOST POPULAR)
  • Ornaments (2) - $42

2.5 Hour Private Event

$ 38-69
  • 11x14 canvas (12 people minimum) (2 hour session) - $38
  • 16x20 canvas (8 people minimum) - $42 (MOST POPULAR)
  • Paint your pet session 16x20 canvas - $69 (8 people minimum)
  • Wine glass (1 wine glass per person) (10 people minimum)- $40
  • Wood pallet- (size varies) 12 people minimum($50-$65)
  • Ornaments (2) - $42 ( 8 people minimum )

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